Nothing breathes new life into a house like a fresh coat of paint. But without the proper surface preparation, a good paint job can go bad quickly.

At A.C. Cleaning Inc, we want you to be completely satisfied with your new paint project for years to come. That is why we invest in training for all of our craftsmen.

Therefore, our team of experts know the best preparation methods, products, techniques, and top coats to use for any interior or exterior painting situation.

For exterior painting estimates, we will come to your home and examine your exterior with you. At this point we will determine if you require a simpler scrape and paint process, or if your home requires a full sanding job. We will also point out any rotten trim. This is because any rotted wood will need to be replaced before your painting project can begin.

Our carpentry team can take care of that for you, using highly durable wood composite.

Everything will be explained, and backed-up in writing, including your warranty details.

For interior painting services, we will discuss what rooms you are looking to have done. Then we will examine your interior, discuss the project, and go over any special considerations. When we perform the work, we will properly prepare your surfaces and use premium paints.

  • A.C. Cleaning Inc. is also committed to protecting your home and furniture during painting, as well as minimizing the disruption. Finally, we take care of all clean up so all you’re left with is a beautiful, freshly painted home.
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