Deck Restoration

A.C. CLEANING INC uses only the highest quality stains and sealers available.

The Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams products are our first choice.

We hand apply your stain/ sealer one section at a time; this ensures a nice even finish.

We never carelessly spray your deck because no matter how many precautions someone might take not to get the sealer on your house, sidewalk, lawn furniture, etc... "One cannot control the wind".

A.C. CLEANING INC knows that pressure washing your deck is the best way to clean it, but too much pressure and you can ruin good wood.

At Spotless, we use a variable high pressure machine and we can control the pressure of the spray with different tips best suited for your deck's needs, thus enabling a smooth, even finish with minimal splintering and no gouging.

We also offer Deck Stripping which is a chemical process used to remove hard bodied stains out of your wood, and Deck Sanding.

Sanding your deck is sometimes necessary depending on the condition of your deck and the type of wood it is made up of.